Little Piece of Heaven: Fall

Little Piece of Heaven Fall

Fall!  Autumn!   Harvest!  Oh! So many names for such an exciting season!  Over the last several weeks I could not help but to think about all that this season brings.  Although, the weather has delayed many of our beautiful colors, seeing everyone’s cornstalks, pumpkins, and mums go out, just gets me excited! Nature gives us so very much splendor.  The problem is we don’t always slow down or stop to see the heaven we are in.  We overlook our heaven on Earth.  Slip away this week, if even for only a few moments in time, and see where you truly are.  Touch the grasses, see the butterflies, and smell the breeze to get just a touch of heaven.  You will start to realize how many blessings you are given, and you can better enjoy your life!

Little Piece of Heaven:  Fall

The wind carried the colors across the grass.

The geese loudly announced their exit.

The seeds and the grains scattered themselves.


Your touch flows against my skin like silk from pure cloth.

As the last of the butterflies take in the golden rod.

The grasshoppers make their final dance around the yard.


Between the sun and the shade,

The oranges, reds, and yellows blast the umbra of their colors.

As the stillness in time holds the calls of the birds.


The last sip of nectar is enjoyed by the bees.

As the trees sway their arms in a dance of delight.

It is their time to steal the show.


Dragonflies make their last hunt for water.

As the tall grasses clap their blades.

And strut their plums.


The morning glories make their final climb and explosion.

As the Earth beneath them becomes damp and wet.

The acorns and the hazelnuts wait to be absorbed back into their hidden burrows.


I hear You in my mind.

I See You in my soul

As I rest in this little piece of heaven called Fall.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I cannot thank you enough for being with me this week.  I pray that blessings will abound for you in your little piece of heaven.  Hey—who isn’t to say the streets of heaven are paved with goldenrod instead of gold!  Oh!  I hope without allergies!  Live a little this week in your fall heaven!  And as we say in the South—get your Fall on ya’ll!










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