The Hallowing

The Hallowing

I know many people and cultures do not celebrate Halloween and Harvest.  With three sides of our family being from Ireland, our family has always celebrated with joy and fun!  Being farming families, we were always so grateful for the bountiful harvest, and Halloween just topped off the season with some last outdoor fun before winter.  Although our families really started celebrating Halloween for protection against spirits of the night, we have now moved on to the more fun and imaginative side of Halloween.  At seven months old, I was dressed in a costume, we ate a delightful fall meal especially including baked sweet potatoes, carved the family pumpkins, scared the relatives with our costumes, pulled a little trick here and there, and the night always ended with a bon fire!  My grandparents, great-grandparents, and great-great-grandparents had always celebrated this way.  And I will always honor my family’s way of life from our original country.  I realize the celebration reaches back to protection from the fear of spirits and things that we cannot explain.  I also know sometimes the celebration can be taken way too far.  As for my home, we will always celebrate and in the appropriate way.  I hope you and your family enjoy a safe and fun “hallowing” in your home too!

The Hallowing

The skeleton held his tight little smile.

One gourd grinned through its one tooth.

Another smiled through its many teeth.

And yet another rounded its mouth in a boo shape.


The ghosts glided easily in the wind.

All making a slightly “ooooo”.

The only thing visible were their mouths and eyes.

They dance around the trees resembling ballerinas.


The dark, pitch night displayed tiny groups of lights.

Some from the faces of the pumpkins,

Others from the candles glowing.

The moon cast the final glow for an eerie night.


There is excitement in the air,

But also a little fear.

All the costumes come out in a full gala.

Hoping to scare the one next to them into a laughter.


Treats line the counters of the kitchens.

Caramel apples and a banquet of candies.

Many hosts wait in their doorways,

Or on their lighted porches to distribute the prizes.


Bones line the driveways.

Ghosts linger in the windows.

Jack-o-lanterns adorn the porches.

Waiting for the ghouls.


Hosts and ghouls alike on this scary night,

Wait to be frightened and delighted.

The night of imagination and fun.

As the spirits walk the Earth.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Celebrate in a fun and festive way this week!  May you be blessed by sharing goodies with others and demonstrating your love for God’s blessings of such a wonderful season.  Thank you for being with me this week.  Happy Halloween!  Oh—and yeah—Boo!!!




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