Secrets of the Woods

Secrets in the Woods

I have always admired the woods this time of year.  All other seasons we only see the external beauties of the woods like leaf color, mass growth, or animals leaving the security.  During the winter, we see clear through to the bones of the woods.  We are given glimpses into the secrets held there.  Many people are like this.  They hide their deep beauty because of hurts and pains due to life’s circumstances.  You only get to see this beauty briefly for a season.  I think many times we do not pay attention to these individuals when they are sharing a hidden secret about themselves.  We become too busy or too self-absorbed to notice, just like we are too busy or too self-absorbed to actually see the beautiful secrets of the woods.  When we are with these individuals, this may be the only time they are brave enough to share.  I encourage you this week to be observant.  Take time and notice the beautiful secrets of those around you, and take time to notice our wooded surroundings.  You will find all types of secrets that are very special.  You never know what blessings you will receive from just seeing things around you!

Secrets of the Woods

You show us all your hidden secrets at this time of year.

The leaves have blown away.

The grasses have dried and withered.

And you stand naked.

Exposing everything.


Beautiful secrets!

One of fallen logs.

Others hiding places for many creatures.

I can see all your insides.

Your veins of life running along the ground and throughout the sky.


The silhouettes you expose are magical.

The dark against the light.

Shows creatures and characters from other worlds.

The ghost trees dance in the clearings.

The cedars show their shades of green.


Your secrets reveal paths not taken.

Mosses provide carpeted paths.

And the curve of the Earth is so vivid.

I discover rocks to relax on.

And hidden earthy scents feel fresh and anew me.


I can see all the woods you have this time of year.

Maple, oak, and sweet gum are just a few.

Many have dropped their seeds and fruits.

To bury in the mulchy leaves across the floor.

Waiting to be carried away by creatures in the shadows.


You reveal the hues of your insides.

All shades of brown, white, charcoal, and deep green.

You make the homes of many by the knobs, cracks, holes, and twigs you contain.

The safe comfort for so many.

The lichens and moss make their resting spots in your bones.


The winter secrets are revealed.

If only we would look.

If only we would respect all that you give to us.

The day will come when you hide all these secrets again.

Until you let us see your internal beauty again.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I cannot thank you enough for joining me this week!  I pray you can be blessed by the secrets of the woods and the secrets of the beautiful people around you this week.  Open yourself up in order to receive blessings from both of these.  May your winter week be joyful, helpful to others, and happy from the secrets you discover in the woods!








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