The Chapel Is Open

The Chapel Is Open

Growing up in the South and the Bible belt of the U.S., going to church on Sunday morning was just a given.  And sometimes Sunday night and Wednesday night!  This is where we worshiped God.  This was our formal worship.  I am not sure any of us realized our worship was so much more than inside the four walls of the churches.  Upon reflection the little faith we had inside grew by leaps and bounds outside these walls!  We learned to worship God in the garden, at picnics, on sunny days, on rainy days, at births, at weddings, at funerals, at the lake, on the beach, on the front porch, and you probably get it now!  Anywhere we felt very close to God!  For me at the back of my folk’s property was a small wooded area that had some cut down trees.  The stumps made a perfect seat to just sit and talk to God.  Everywhere and anywhere is where God and His chapel can be found!  He doesn’t call us just sitting on a pew or standing in a choir.  This doesn’t mean that church isn’t important.  It is very essential to be in the midst of a caring and loving community when we find one.  Although many of us have that outside the church building as well.  Today’s piece is a reminder that God is always present, wherever we might be!  His chapel is always open!  The question becomes “Is your heart always open to Him?”!

The Chapel Is Open

The view of green.

A slight breeze.

Birds dart about.

The chair is comfy.

The front porch is serene.

The chapel is open.


The valley leads into the hills.

All shades of green.

The hills are so astute.

Sounds of animals can be heard.

The holler opens up to my heart.

The chapel is open.


Butterflies abound in the grass.

The waving of the sun.

Brings a quiet scene.

His breath blows the wheat grains.

The field holds my hand.

The chapel is open.


Waves carve prints in the sand.

Sounds go flip and flap.

Shells find their resting places.

The breeze taste of salt.

The horizon opens my eyes.

The chapel is open.


Fishing boats dot the water.

Trees overhang on the banks.

Little waves beat the muddy bank.

Wearing the rocks smooth.

The lake brings my mind rest.

The chapel is open.


Sticks holding each other.

Sticks that are the trees of winter.

Layers of beautiful white and brown.

A blue bird comes out briefly to calm me.

Settling on the branches.

The chapel is open.


Trees become silhouettes.

Multiple colors fill the horizon.

The sun peeps its final rays.

Rocking in the chair brings rhythm.

The back porch soothes my soul.

The chapel is open.


Sky becomes dark.

The land is pitch.

Then small twinkles appear in the pitch.

A light show begins.

The fireflies are the final act in my show.

The chapel is open.


The snow falls like feathers.

Landing on the scape like cotton.

Winds toss the bits about.

Trees and grasses are outlined by the snow.

The snow sets the winter scene for my job.

The chapel is open.


Soft chair.

Fireplace crackling.

Warm coffee.

Swaddling comforter.

The Good Book speaks to my being.

The chapel is open.


Light paints the stain glass.

Silence brings reverence.

The cross speaks of sacrifice.

The pew allows me to relax.

And the sanctuary sets my being at peace.

The chapel is open.


Anywhere and everywhere.

Quiet or loud.

Peace or chaos.

By oneself or with others.

Our minds and hearts go there.

The chapel is always open!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Thank you so much for being with me today.  Our love and hearts go out this week to all of those affected by the tornadoes here in Tennessee.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.  I hope you can be drawn closer to God or your spiritual needs by being with me this week.  May all your chapels be open this week and may your communities be close this week.  March blessings for an amazing Spring from God!











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