End of a Birthday Year

End od a Birthday Year

As we step further into our journey, the years seem to shorten.  What once seemed to take a thousand years to complete, now is gone within seconds.  Birthday years shorten themselves, leaving us to speculate on where we came from, where we are, and where were we are going in our lives.  We begin grasping life double fisted in order to make the most of every second!  Also, our reflections on our journey are essential in understanding our growth.  This allows us to be prepared for the next leg of our path!  If you have not stopped to see this on your birthday anniversary, please do.  And don’t even wait until your special day!  It will be so beneficial to your mental health and to you understanding your blessings and joy.  Reflect and celebrate your life this week and every week.  You are a very special creation that has offered this world a piece of your soul!  Never cut yourself short by not understanding this concept!

End of a Birthday Year

I am who I have become to be.

I am happy with me,

Even though others may not be.

As I have said to others,

If I die today or tomorrow,

I have no regrets for living.


I have done for all that I could.

And everything I have done was out of love.

And it has made me the woman I am.

A woman molded and designed

By all the women in her life.

A woman that will carry the beings of her queens.


Oh!  It has not been fast or easy!

I have grown so fast sometimes,

That I have cried into the depths of my heart.

And I have laughed sometimes as high as I could reach.

Even to touch the angels,

And to see the smile of God Himself.


Every day is the process.

I forget, I remember.

I shout, I moan.

I forgive, I am forgiven.

And I smile with each start of the day!

Knowing I have another chance.


But when it is done each day,

I am who I am supposed to be.

I am a strong woman.

A woman who makes decisions with her heart,

But most of all with God in mind.

Seeking her true path.


I was given chance after chance.

And day after day to practice living.

I am a woman who has lived each day.

Really lived it!

All the joy it brings,

And all the sadness it delivers.


What is true though—

Is to always look back,

Smile upon those precious memories.

Always bask in the present moment.

Always look forward with dream, hope, and love.

Because God did say it is all good!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

This is a celebration of birthdays this week!  No matter which month or day your day falls upon, celebrate all that is you!  And keep in mind you are still evolving into the great creation God made you.  Happy birthday Januarys’ through Decembers’, and everyone have a fully blessed birthday year!











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