The Daffodil

The Daffodil

It is so amazing how the first little growth of spring appears to be so fragile.  The daffodil (aka the buttercup!) has always been my flower!  Their bright colors just blast us with sunshine, telling us winter is on its way out.  It appears fragile, but it can withstand the last snows of winter and the harsh winds of March.  It very much reminds me of the people of our nation right now.  Because we love each other, we celebrate each other, and we stand with each other, the outside world might consider us weak.  Like the daffodil, we may appear fragile, especially at this time, but we are far from it!  We are strong and have been withstanding adversity all our lives.  During these difficult moments of disease, political bickering, and natural disasters, we may appear fragile like the daffodil, but underneath that appearance, we have a firm foundation built on love and caring.  I have seen story after story the last several weeks of people helping people.  Our bright colors will be like those of the daffodil!  We will blind the world with our bright colors of American tenacity!  Our fragile story will be one of overcoming!

The Daffodil

Thin skin.

Yellow tints.

Designed like china teacups.


Lightweight structures.

Tossed in the wind.

Yet straight as an arrow.


Your bodies tolerate snow.

And you stand at attention to the sun.

Your bright color makes me smile.


Slender leaves.

Protective but delicate.

Floats like kites.


Your scent is the perfume of queens!

The room is filled when you are present.

You are an aphrodisiac to our senses!


You dominate the bouquet,

With your appearance.

Prancing around the vase like dancers!


Year after year.

You return from your bulb.

To surprise and enlighten us again!


You are the first signs of hope,

Especially after a hard winter.

You tell me I have tomorrow.


Smell sweet little one.

Shine bright.

For you lift my heart this spring!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Our prayers and love go out this week to all, especially those affected by this disease, natural disasters, and other issues facing friends and families.  We will carry on by the love of the Creator through every American!  Stay grounded and positive!  We were given the natural world, like the daffodil, to know we are resilient.  Blessings of strength this week!  Show your bright colors!






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