Space, Time, and Presence

Space Time and Presence

There are times in life that are just really difficult.  We become “stuck” in place due to the journey of life.  We cannot seem to move forward, nor go back.  Our directions or paths are there, but we cannot focus to see those paths.  For some reason, our society just does not always accept being “stuck”.  Society deems we are either going forwards or backwards.  However, there is something to say about being “stuck”.  Being “stuck” makes us live in the present.  If we live in the present, we can learn to relish every blessing and actually enjoy that blessing.  We can find the pure joy in life!  The joy of each happening!  Even though it may be hard, try to enjoy your “stuck” state of mind right now.  Revel in each and every blessing in this space, time, and presence that we are in!

Space, Time, and Presence

I just do not know where I am in my life.

Have I done all that was meant for me to do?

Are the accomplishments all done and stand as they are?


It’s hard to be in a space,

To be in a time,

And in a presence where you are not sure.


Where do I go?

What do I do?

What’s next?


I have hope.

My hope is not lost.

But I seem to be floating in space.


Watching time just pass.

Stuck in the presence.

No more where or how or when.


One day we head toward this path.

The next day toward another.

Still just in the present.


How does it all fit together?

When does it all come together?

Does it ever all come together?


The hopes, the dreams, and the desire to serve God are all there.

But where is there?

Are we here, there, or everywhere?


We can’t live in the past.

We can’t jump to the future.

But we can be present.


Present for God to send us.

Send us any way, anywhere, or anyhow.

His space, time, and presence are not always ours.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray this week you can be uplifted and encouraged in your present state.  Also, we pray and send love to all people hurting from this disease and its results.  May blessings be upon everyone.  May your “stuck” joys outnumber your anxious moments!  The Great Creator is always with each of us, and we have been given each other !







One thought on “Space, Time, and Presence

  1. This post brought back to me what The Apostle Paul wrote about contentment:
    Philippians 4:11 MSG
    11  Actually, I don’t have a sense of needing anything personally. I’ve learned by now to be quite content whatever my circumstances.

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