Happy Easter!  A great time of celebration for many of us this week!  I just could not let the week pass without discussing Heaven.  In my culture, we all look so forward to when our ascension into Heaven occurs.  I know that my Creator came and revealed Himself as a person, Jesus, over two thousand years ago.  This allowed us to relate in a very personal way to God, Himself.  Just like us, He chose to be born, live, and die to experience and develop a relationship to each of us.  It is not the death that we celebrate this Easter time, but His great triumph over death on this plane in reaching the next plane of living, Heaven.  But most importantly to demonstrate to us hope.  Hope of a peaceful living beyond the grave, Heaven.  Jesus ascending into the “heavens”, the sky, returning to Himself is a perfect example of the hope we are given.  Leaving His Holy Spirit here on Earth to dwell in our souls forever even after ascension.  Even though most of us believe this, we cannot look at this as the destination of arrival.  Heaven should be out journey of living and where the journey continues.  Just like the times we are in now.  We can trust and hope for our journey of love to continue beyond any realm on this physical Earth.  Whatever your Heaven looks like today, it does not matter.  Most cultures have very different views of Heaven, but most do hope in the journey continued.  What matters is that our desire for hope and love is greater than anything else! And all cultures believe in hope and love!  And we understand that our hope and love growing is part of the entire journey!


The place that is well known,

Yet does not physically exist.

The goal of the journey,

Yet the journey itself.


Arguments are held over its existence.

Opinions on its presence.

Some seeking rewards and prizes.

Other seeking peace of the soul.


Do I remain who I am when I reach the location?

Or do I transform into a better soul?

Will others be with me?

To bring joy and soothe my heart.


I feel as if I am in Heaven sometimes.

Yes!  Right here and right now!

With all of these many blessings.

Love, kindness, and care.


Who’s to say these blessings aren’t heaven?

And when we move to the other realm,

All these blessings are even bigger!

Maybe everyone’s Heaven is different?


The smells, sights, and sounds that make us feel at home in our hearts,

Yet the conversation that pierces the soul for direction.

The hope through pain and destruction,

Yet the anticipation from deeds that are earned by glory and self.


Presence with self,

Yet most of all being.

Being in the presence of the Spirit, the Almighty, and the Man.

Heaven yesterday, today, and tomorrow!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I know the discussion of “Heaven” in many beliefs and cultures is very different.  I believe because we are all very different people, we need many different perspectives.  God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit indicated that all people would be reached.  What better way than meeting people where they are!  No matter what perspective you take, I pray your soul can believe there is hope on this journey and that the journey becomes better and better as our souls breathe on, loving ourselves and others!  Chose to live in “Heaven” this week with every breath you take!  Be safe and practice hoping!  Blessings and love!







2 thoughts on “Heaven

  1. I absolutely LOVE your perspective on this. So similar to my own. I don’t pretend to have all the answers; I just know that much of what I was taught as a child has stayed with me, although I believe my perspective (as I realized how little I really do know) has expanded thru the years. The more awesome God gets/more humility I develop in ME) the greater my peace of mind/stability in the unknown becomes.

    If I said it right, as in if that makes sense. The ‘smaller’ I become, the greater He becomes, the stronger/safer I feel.

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