Portrait of My World

Portrait of My World

The choices we make as human beings can be positive or negative.  Choices are usually based on our own views.  Unfortunately, because we are human, the choice we will lean toward is the negative.  How we look upon day to day living, or how we view the world is a choice no matter the direction we go.  Why people lean more toward the negative than the positive, I will never know.  Maybe they have been hurt over and over.  Maybe they have experienced a pain greater than they can bear.  We just do not know what others have been through.  Maybe it is just easier for them to “wallow” in the negative, than to be lifted up in the positive.  It is ours not to say, since we have not lived their lives.

For whatever reason, it does not mean we cannot have sympathy or empathy for others and help them change their view.  We can help lift them into the real colorful, beautiful world.  We can all choose to see the positive side.  The side of goodness, beauty, and love!  I encourage you today to take the higher road of positivity.  It is not always an easy choice, but it is so well worth the choice.  Look to the beauty and love through the positive portrait of the world!

Portrait of My World

I want to paint you a picture of my world.

Where I see the greenest of greens in all the plants,

And the bluest of blues are in the waters and the sky.


I have so many colors in my world.

You would never believe.

The deepest of crimsons in the clover,

And the brightest of yellows in the sunflowers.


The oranges and pinks are so brilliant in the sunset.

While the browns of the Earth are the richest,

And the ebonies within the sky are the deepest.


The indigo butterflies are so deep they reach my soul.

My bright red birds sing for my joy.

The whites of the clouds appear to be as fluffy,

As marshmallows themselves!


Every single one making up this world I see.

The beauty and magnificent!

All the good and the best!


Now I could see a portrait quite different.

Where the reds run as blood,

And the blues are dark and desperate.

The ebony of the night sends chills through us all.


Or I might see the Earth only as a destroyed brown and swiveled green surface.

The blacks would lead to tar pits and the suffering they caused.

Sheets of white could only be seen covering the dead.


The yellows and the purple are bruises left on people from abuse.

And the oranges show us only emergencies.

The only pink are the flowers upon the graves,

And the blue is shown only in the tears of those mourning.


Yes, I could see this world in the later.

Where evil, hurt, and despair dwell,

And where each heart cries to be relieved.


But I will not see my world this way!

Because my world was not meant to be this way.

The world was born of love and compassion.

Its colors were meant to lift us and raise us to a great height of joy!


It was formed to provide good in a multiple array of colors!

Displayed as a Monet or Rembrandt in the museum.

My world will be a masterpiece of love, kindness, and care!


And my portrait will stand the test of time,

Reflecting the many colors that each of us sees.

Colors of love and life!

Demonstrating love can never be covered by dried, old paint.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Make your portrait of the world beautiful and colorful this week!  It is so much more peaceful to grasp for hope rather than despair.  If you know of someone that needs hope this week, reach out.  I realize we cannot physically reach out right now, but there are multiple other ways to reach out.  You will be blessed for spreading the beauty, as well as the one you are spreading it to!  Color this world with beauty and hope in order to spread love and positivity.  God bless you and your family this week with all the beautiful portraits of this world!










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