Wandering People

Wandering People

I have been blessed with a life that has allowed me to see a multiple number of people wander into my life and wander out.  I have even had some wander in two or three times!  These individuals can be loving and giving people or they can be individuals that use and abuse others.  I have dealt with both types.  There is one thing I have paid attention to as both types come and gone, and that is they were there for a reason.  They were placed into my journey in order that I learn a very specific lesson.  In past post I have discussed some these of negative people, but today I want to share the positive blessings I have received from some of God’s souls.

Recently within the last two years, two of these wanderers re-entered my journey after twenty years.  When we were all three younger we met through work, but immediately we knew our relationship was a much deeper friendship than just co-workers.  We watched as each of us discovered different things in life such as new love, new babies, and growing families.  We learned to laugh out loud, share our hearts, and grow our souls together.  Then life happened and some how our paths wandered apart after years of kinship.  We all had our own paths that seemed to not directly connect again for twenty years.  But then suddenly, a connection here and a contact there, we were right back together as “Sisters”!  And right at the times that each of us needed that love and caring again in our own ways.  We have been able to laugh out loud again, care for each other, and be there as each of us experience this journey called life.  This week as people enter your path, pay attention.  Seek how you can learn and grow from these souls.  Always know God places these people for you and for them!

Wandering People

They come and they go.

Wandering in,

Then wondering out.

All for the purpose of love.


Their purpose not always known,

Until they have disappeared.

Then you can see,

Very clearly what they meant.


Some are strong.

Take charge.

Get it done.

And allow you to take pride.


They are the best friends.

Giving you love and strength.

Protecting you with their love.

Sharing all they have.


Others are soft.

Or they seem soft.

But their strength can lift mountains,

And nourish your soul.


They protect those they love.

They give up prayers,

And sacrifice themselves.

So that others may be elevated beyond the skies.


They come and they go.

Not once but twice.

Enriching your existence,

And nourishing your soul and heart.


They come and they go.

Wandering in,

And wandering out.

All for the purpose of hurt.


Their purpose of hate,

Can be seen immediately.

You see directly,

What hurt they desire to bring.


Some are selfish.

Arrogant and vengeful.

Power hungry.

Stomping all in their way.


They deceive others,

In order to get their way.

And only to better themselves,

While others are left damaged in their paths.


Others play pretend.

Pretending to care for others,

While they scheme the best for themselves.

Pressing others until they hurt in the worst ways.


They are amazing actors.

Playing their harmful roles until the end.

Walking away unscathed,

And proudful for their kill.


They come and they go.

Wandering in,

And wandering out.

Designing our journeys along the way.


Each for a purpose of learning,

About others and about ourselves.

Setting our lives into motion,

For becoming better people.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

The piece this week is for my “Sisters” of the soul—you know who you are!  What a blessing they have been in my journey!  There are many others I could have shared too—Carrot Cake, I am talking about you too!  But I have to wrap up.  Watch for the wandering people in your life this week.  And realize you may be the wanderer in someone else’s life.  Live in order to learn you lessons!  May God’s blessings be with you on this journey!












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