While I Breathe

While I Breathe

As I have tried to write recently, my heart and soul were very sad and burdened greatly.  The entire situation about this virus, the cruelty we have witnessed, and the injustice demonstrated by so many.  This week I lay these thoughts with those that follow me.  The happenings this week do not represent America.  The happenings over the past months do not represent a loving humanity.  Sadness has engulfed my soul as I have watched in horror what has gone on for months and now within just a week in our America.  I cannot speak for others, but I can speak for myself.  These happenings do not represent me as a human, nor as an American.  My piece today explains very well how I was raised and how I try to live my life.  I absolutely am not perfect and never will be perfect.  I have not experienced anything like others have in this life, and I never will, but I have in my soul the power to love.  The later parts of my piece speak loudly to what I truly believe.  I believe this in my heart and my soul.  I am not the only one here in America or across the world that feels this way, and I for sure believe in the last stanza.  Stand strong this week and weeks to come for love and life.  Hope, peace, and love will lift us above the hatred and evil being committed.  Live as a real human with real love.

While I Breathe

I will breathe

For those that can’t.

I will mourn

For those that die.


I will speak

For those not heard.

I will sing

For those that have no voice.


I will listen

For those that cannot hear.

I will watch

For those that find it hard to see.


I will pray

For those who are questioned.

I will raise my hand

To protect those who are weak.


I will love

For those who know hate.

I will rejoice

For those who persevere.


I will lift up

Those who are trodden on.

I will hurt

For those who are wounded.


I will cry

For those who are in pain.

I will shout

For those that are silenced.


I will rise up

For those who cannot stand.

I will lay down

For those oppressed.


I will worship

To our God for all.

I will kneel

For all of humanity.


I am only one

But I am really so many.

And if one can do this

All can do this.


Love one another.

Honor one another.

Respect one another.

Breathe another breath for one another.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Never consider giving up this week.  We cannot.  Civilization and humanity depend on our stance against hatred and evil.  If we believe, we can conquer!  Hope will carry us forward, and peace will protect us.  Blessings and love this week for all.







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