Broken Spirits

Broken Spirits

Our spirits can be broken easily.  Lately I hear and see many people with broken spirits.  The happenings of life just wear on people, crushing their souls.  We all either will have this happen or we already have sometime during life.  What we need to remember is that these spirits can be healed and mended!  The heart and the soul can persevere through many things, because our God raises us up above the hurt and pain.  We are also never left alone.  The Great Spirit speaks to our spirit deep inside.  The Spirit’s small inner voice is there for our comfort and for our courage.  God sends angels and other to caress our hurts and pains.  They lift us up and provide us the hope of God!  Sometimes we see these angels and other times we do not.  The most important thing is to know that we are never left alone with our broken spirits!  God and the angels are always right beside us!

Broken Spirits

When my spirit is broken,

Your hand lifts me up.

My heart cries on Your shoulder.

You hold me with Your Spirit.


Broken spirits are everywhere.

Can You lift all of us?

Can You catch all the tears?

Of course!  You can!


Your Spirit knows brokenness,

Because You came as us.

Your tears fell on this Earth,

And opened up the sky.


Now many broken spirits cry.

Hurting from their souls.

They beg for Your mercy,

And for Your hold.


Your great Spirit is with all of us.

It touches the hearts of angels,

Who soothe our broken spirits,

And hold our hearts on the journey.


Then You mend our broken spirits.

Blend us together in our lives.

Letting us hold each other.

Through Your everlasting love!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Never be afraid to bring your broken spirit before the Great Spirit and those sent through love.  Humanity gave us each other and our spirits for each other.  Not for selflessness, nor loneliness.  We will hold each other through many hurts and pains, but we will also hold each other through joy and triumph!  Stay uplifted this week and accept the many messengers of love from all the spirits among us!








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