The Sea Is Calling

The Sea Is Calling

This season brings me great memories of the sea.  I was raised always visiting the water during the spring and summer seasons.  Our second cousins lived on Dolphin Island in Mobile Alabama.  Rene, officially Irene, and Craig, officially Theodore, lived in the area due to Craig’s job with Alabama Power.  They would come up to Tennessee for Fall and Thanksgiving, and we would go down for Spring and Summer.  We got to go visit and enjoy the ocean!  I was first taken when I was barely a year old, but my first great memories were when I was about five years old.  My cousin, who was the same age as me, and I would get to lay belly down in the sand letting the ocean waves lap upon us.  We would pretend we were surfing!  This is also were I fell in love with shells.  The mystery that so many beautiful animals could be hidden below the surface and live in so many different forms was so exciting to me!

The causeway was the best!  We would put out lobster traps in just a small area, retrieve, and have dinner right on the spot!  Fishing off the piers was amazing too.  Our catch was never real big, but you were sure to get a glimpse of dolphins dancing the waters!  Fortunately, as a young adult, my husband and I were able to continue our trips to the sea.  We enjoyed excursions to small islands within the Gulf.  We then were able to take our children to visit the ocean.  As we have aged and our children have gone on their own trips, we have just not listened to the calling as much.  We are hoping in a few weeks to answer the call once more!  All of this to say today, if something is calling you, it is for a purpose.  You may or may not know that purpose, but you are meant to receive a blessing.  This week listen to your callings!  Go for that inner nudge.  Your blessings will be great if you answer!

The Sea Is Calling

The sea calls to me.

Its light salty breeze,

Clears my lungs,

And its waves caress my skin.


The sea lays its treasures at my feet.

Delicately shaped and intricately made.

They rest right in front of me,

With their beautiful textures and feels.


The sea’s bottom shifts.

It goes forward and backward,

And side to side.

Changing the land that supports it.


It makes me uncertain,

But at the same time assured.

I always know it will be there.

Its sounds will always bring peace.


The creatures you support,

Gently glide out and across your waves.

Whispering their sounds,

To announce their beauty.


The feast you provide is magnificent!

Tasty, exquisite morsels.

Rich in protein,

And pleasing to any hunger.


I know the sea calls me.

I may not always get to answer,

But I will always hold it in high esteem.

The seas’ calling is a true gift!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Whether your calling is the sea, the lake, the city, or even just your back yard, go for it!  The calling is telling you something very important.  Especially enjoy this summer season by following your nudge.  Blessings are just waiting for us, if we will only listen!  Blessings for you and your family this week and every week of the summer!







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