The Wandering Soul

The Wandering Soul

I feel we would all like to say we always know where we are, where we have been, and where we are going.  But I have come to find out in my experiences very seldom do we know.  Our journeys are composed of a tremendous amount of wandering.  We also seem to wander from one season of life to another discovering new and different purposes at different stages.  Even though this wandering is so necessary, we must be lost sometimes to find life.  If your heart and soul are in a wandering state right now, stay the course.  Maintain your hope and your openness for growth.  Your wandering is taking you exactly where you need to be!

The Wandering Soul

My heart and soul are wandering.

Searching for what?

I do not know.


My inner self cannot settle.

It yearns for something,

But that something is beyond my reach.


As children we yearn for new adventures.

We believe in the magic of life.

It is just beyond our backyard.


When we are youth,

We all seek out and search for new experiences.

All which seem to be forbidden.


Young adults are reaching for the dream.

The perfect job in the perfect town at the perfect place.

And the love that will satisfy them for life.


When the grown-up stage comes around,

Family and children consume our wandering.

We wander for a moment of peace and quiet.


Our wandering goes back into the world during our middle age.

We seek a new place to fulfill our purpose.

We search for our place after children.


And here I am back again.

My soul and my heart,

Wandering and searching again.


I reach for something that I cannot see.

My soul yearns for another time.

Wandering becomes my life.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

Happy wandering this week on your own journey!  Please remember to be patient with others that you know who are wandering too.  They may need your shoulder to lean on or your ear to hear their searchings.  If you are wandering without a purpose right now, give yourself time to relax, reflect, and refresh upon finding your next purpose.  I so appreciate the time you spend with me.  I realize your time is very precious and every moment matters in your life.  Thank you so very much!  Happy wandering this week as we enjoy these dog days of summer!










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