Woman Uprising

Woman Uprising

Civilizations and societies will always develop classes.  Even though it is wrong, mankind will always group people.  The big point here is that we are all different, and we all have specific purposes for our lives.  However, not a purpose set by another human being.  We are all made with different genetic codes that makes each one of us very special which in turn makes us perfect for our purpose.  Where the real trouble comes in is when one group of people tries to dominate, oppress, or suppress another group that includes the many unique beings with their own specific purposes.  Where a class or group demands that another individual live and be what they want in order to control that person is where the real trouble comes in.  So was the case of women one hundred years ago.  Very clearly what happened when the Women’s Suffrage Movement came about.  If mutual respect as humans was practiced, it would not matter the class of these individuals.  There would be no caps or ceilings holding people down in any class.  One hundred years ago, women said enough is enough.  They stopped, spoke up, and even yelled that this type of inequality would have to stop!  Women fought and won the right to vote, the right to be equal, and the right to live a free life within any class that uplifted their purpose.  Did that solve all of the problems of women’s oppression?  No, but it was a beginning!  A beginning for one class to say No More!  We will rise for our purpose!

Woman Uprising

I made your jello cottage cheese salad.

Your floors were cleaned and scrubbed by me.

I washed your clothes,

And ironed all that you needed for work.


Yet!  I am considered weaker.

You say my voice should not be heard.

Damn it!  It will be heard!

I will be heard!


I balance budgets,

And I make check and balances work.

Yet you say leave the hard math to the men.

This is just too tough for you.


Hell!  If I will!

I can work problems before you can even start.

I can do it,

And I will do it better!


I conceive and carry our child.

Until you are ready to show our child off.

While at the same time,

I make a dress to wear as I host a party for your friends.


Yes!  I am physically strong,

But more importantly I am mentally strong!

I am creative, imaginative, and inventive!

Strong enough to overcome your oppression!


I run a household, laboring from sun up to sun down.

I am told I cannot manage a restaurant,

But I can serve people for less money.

You do not even believe I can run a team.


Oh!  I can run a team!

I will show you!

I can run a company, a team, and even a country!

And I will!


Many before me have suffered.

Suffered that I may have freedom.

I will respect this suffering to honor the freedom they gave me.

The freedom that allows me to grow!


I can and will do all the things you have stopped me from doing.

Your hand cannot push my head down any longer.

I will be brave,

And rise above your expectations.


I will put on my heals,

And my pearls!

With my flag in one hand and my purse in the other,

I will show you who I am!


I am a woman!  We are women!

Our voices will be heard!

These voices will be heard from the valleys to the mountain tops!

No longer can you silence our souls!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I really believe in my heart the women that succeeded in winning a woman’s right to vote never had the intention of demonstrating a superiority over another class.  Now in my piece today, I really do push the “I will take over” attitude to demonstrate my passion for this.  I really believe this was all about the equality of respect—respecting one’s purpose and way of life.  I pray this week we can all practice respect of others and providing grace no matter how different they are, where they come from, and where they are going!  All of us are very different and have very different purposes.  The equality of respect is what we all want!  Blessings on your journey this week with this endeavor—as you respect, give grace, or as you rise!









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