Goodbye Summer

Goodbye SummerIt is so very sad, but it is time we start saying goodbye to summer.  I feel so blessed to have enjoyed all the great gifts this season has delivered.  Although this year has not been at the top of its game, the summer always delivers such treasures.  Great swimming days, amazing flowers, fresh air, sun, birds, butterflies, and the list could go on.!  We will often slide through the seasons without noticing the many blessings provided.  Do not let this season be one that slides by.  With the last, limited days we have, soak in all the blessings.  Enjoy all of the many gifts of summer, so that you can cherish your blessed memories forever!

Goodbye Summer

You gave us sunflowers.

Now you leave their beauty for the birds.

The green grass you provide has cushioned our feet,

And provided us with lightening bugs all season.


Your streams are dry,

Waiting for your tears of leaving.

The last of the morning glories

Provide the last hummers one last meal.


The deep purple iron weed is one of the last blooms you give us.

Speckled across fields and in ditches.

The vegies are gathering their strength to give their last yield.

Tomatoes and squash push forth their last delicious ones.


Your waters are starting to get cold,

As where they have given us a cool splash with your hot sun,

And the air hangs a little heavy,

Like it knows you are saying your farewells.


The bright greens of your tree foliage start tinging to yellow.

All standing but standing very still.

Your air says take it all in,

Because I will be gone soon.


Bunnies make their last hops for the clover.

The tall grasses begin to show rust tops.

Your treats only last us a short time,

But your carefree days stay in our hearts.,


I don’t want to see you go,

But I know you must go to return again.

You wave sunshine kisses that will be missed,

And your sweet sounds of the birds will never be forgotten.


Your bidding farewell is bittersweet,

And I will truly miss you.

I say goodbye for now,

So that I can say hello tomorrow.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray this week that you, family, and friends can get in your last summer memories over the next few weeks.  Take in those last strong rays of summer and the breeze in the trees.  And as always, thank you for joining me and giving of your time to me this week.  I so appreciate you being here.  I wish blessings beyond the summer gifts bestowed upon you and your family!  Happy last Summer days!











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