Set Them Free

Set Them Free

I know all parents have experienced the feelings and the emotions that go into letting a child go.  Over the last several weeks, many parents have sent children off to pre-school, kindergarten, college, or into the world of work.  You may have done this years ago or you may have not been through this just yet.  It may even be your sweet niece, nephew, or cousin.  All, no matter the circumstances, it is a very hard job and task to do, especially considering what the world has presented us with lately.  You have taught, nurtured, loved, and cared for a soul that has to now find their own ways to teach, nurture, love, and care.  Our faith and trust has to grow leaps and bounds during such a time.  You have to rely on God.  We often forget that these souls were loans to us from God.  He loaned them to us, trusting that we would teach, nurture, love, and care for this soul as He would.  Even though this act of letting go is so very difficult, we must.  We must trust that God has them covered!  We must set them free just as our own caregivers set us free!  Increase your faith through this time, because God never loses sight of His children—you and your special ones!

Set Them Free

The Mother and the Father have to part.

They part with something that is so dear to them.

They knew the day of birth would lead to a day of freedom.

A day of freedom for this soul in a physical body.


They were strong and loving and caring to this special one,

Because they knew God’s grace was so far beyond their own.

They also knew God’s destiny for this soul was greater than they could ever be imagine.

Their faith would continue, but it would be hard letting go.


Anticipation is always the creature of emotions.

It causes people to wish and hope and dream.

Sometimes with too much excitement,

And sometimes with too little.


Although the goal all along is to free a man or a woman,

The release of the parent’s love is so tight.

It takes faith—great faith,

Because they know these gifts were on loan from God.


It is always about freedom.

Freedom from the holds of love,

But freedom by the grasps of love.

Freedom toward God’s plan.


Set them free.

On their own path and their own journey.

Keeping your bond of love,

Trusting them to live freely.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I pray and hope the writing this week has brought you comfort if you are setting free some of your special souls.  May your trust and your faith bring you peace.  Recognize that you have done your job and now it is God’s time to do His!  We all want to give thanks that God gave us these loved ones!  Open that hand, unlace those fingers, and release a blessing into the world!







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