We Will Never Forget

19 years ago our America as we knew it would never be the same again.  We promised we would never forget what sacrifices were made that day.  Souls from many different nations, cultures, and beliefs, all American Souls, were lost due to the evil and hatred in the world.  America showed this evil and hatred how a loving country can rise to fight back.  Whether these Souls were in Pennsylvania, Washington DC, or New York City, they showed American bravery at its best.  These Heroes, American Heroes, can never be dismissed or forgotten.  We continue to offer our love and prayers to the families and friends of these lost Souls.  And we give thanks for their sacrifices.  We do need to remember as nation that we can come together in prosperity, as well as in tragedy.  We are only as strong as each of us coming together as a whole. 

We Will Remember America Will Always Be Whole and United.




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