The Pumpkin Man

The day’s writing reflects those that do their jobs and passions with all their heart and soul.  In everyday life we meet one person after another and encounter many different people, but occasionally you meet that one special person that takes such pride in what they do.  They make you feel so precious and important just because of their true heart interest in you.  The piece today is about one such person.  You know if you have been blessed by this type of person, because you never forget what this person gave to your life.  So be attentive and do not miss these angels on Earth that God sends.  Whether it is the person fixing your deli sandwich or the person sacking your groceries, you do not want to miss out on the blessing these angels have for you!

The Pumpkin Man

The fruit stand sat right next to the river.

It stayed open all year long.

Offering veggies, flowers, Christmas trees, and pumpkins,

But the best offering was the little man that loved selling pumpkins.

This little man,

Really was not little at all.

He was tall and slender.

His demeanor was always calm.

He would help pick out the tomatoes,

Or he would scoop up roasted peanuts.

He would hold up your Christmas tree beside him,

So you could get just the right size for your house.

But what he loved the most was selling pumpkins.

When all the pumpkins came in,

He cared for them dutifully.

He delighted the most in helping others select the right ones.

His eyes would get a little sparkle.

If you were looking for a pumpkin to make pies,

He would turn each and every one,

Examining until he found the perfect one.

If you needed pumpkins to complete your Fall porch,

He would help stack many different types.

Then he would stand back with you and observe to get the perfect set.

He would lend his advice in such a kind way.

And when it came to a Jack-o-Lantern,

He would examine all sides of the pumpkin with precision.

He checked the stems and the bottoms,

And he always advised which side was perfect to carve!

Year after year the Pumpkin Man welcomed our family.

He graciously assisted us with our selections,

And he demonstrated his love for his joy in life beyond any saint,

Always recognizing what a family memory we were making.

Now many years have passed.

The Pumpkin Man is now caring for pumpkins in heaven,

But my family still misses the fruit stand,

And especially still misses the Pumpkin Man.

No matter what you do,

And no matter what others think,

Always do it like the Pumpkin Man.

With love, pride, soul, and heart.

For the greatest of those among us are the Pumpkin Man.

They know what time happiness is about,

And they know how to love others.

But most of all they know how to serve with joy in this world!

Making the lives of others important!

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

We miss our Pumpkin Man this season of the year.  But we know he is blessing so many in heaven, and he is being celebrated in heaven for the life he gave to others on this Earth.  I pray during this Thanksgiving season we can all be more like the Pumpkin Man and be a Thanksgiving blessing for others!

Thank you so much for being with me this week.  I am asking to please say prayers and lift up my sweet husband, Danny, in the weeks to come.  He has hip replacement surgery.  Your gracious thoughts and prayers would be so appreciated.  This may also cause me to not be with you for several weeks, as I am playing care giver.  Please include me in those prayers as well.  I wish you and your family an amazing Thanksgiving season!  And I give thanks for all that I have received, especially in my relationship with you!  Happy Thanksgiving and be a Pumpkin Man!





One thought on “The Pumpkin Man

  1. Dawn Bohannon says:

    Renae, your writing is always so “on the mark” . . . and beautiful. Plus, I will be keeping your husband/family in my prayers. Keep us posted. Thanksgiving/Christmas Blessings to you and your family.

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