Her Winter Touch

We were able to witness Mother Nature’s beauty and power over the last few weeks in my part of the country.  Her performance was beautiful!  The scenes She created were just so magnificent!  One of the great things about this performance was it allowed our performances of day to day living to stop.  All our hurrying, appointments, meetings, activities, and more came to a stop.  We were given a few moments in life to stop and enjoy life.  The silence, the beauty, the other creatures we share the Earth with, and the time with those we love.  We played, reflected, relaxed, and enjoyed a few quite moments of true living!  I have come to appreciate these moments given to us.  If Mother Nature sends you a message this week, take Her up on it and live to the fullest through these moments!

Her Winter Touch

She lightly blows Her breath,

And the land turns white.

Soft and gentle,

One layer at a time.

She sends the crystals.

All with the same elements,

But all individuals and different.

Each joining hands to make the perfect covering.

With the tip of her finger,

She paints the trees lightly with white.

She gently whispers white dust up and down the cedars.

The scene becomes magical!

As She touches the rocks,

She lays the snow around them.

They begin to glisten.

Appearing as jewels buried.

She misses the humans.

They give Her joy as they delight in Her gifts,

But they cannot come out in the ice cold.

A tear falls from Her eye forming long icicles where they fall.

The blanket she has laid.

Allows all the creatures that were hidden.

To come out and play.

Tracks of everyone dot the white landscape.

She gently pulls the bottom of Her gown along the ground.

Dusting the grass with flakes of white.

As she pulls Herself on the edge of the wind,

Gliding away into the clouds.

Lori Rennae Hickman Chapman

I cannot go without mentioning the other side of Mother Nature’s visit this week.  We so appreciate those that get out and still do their jobs during these days.  Our law enforcement, health care workers, city and county utilities, and so many more.  We are so very grateful for you! Also, our prayers and love go out to all who have been adversely affected by the rough weather.  Our hopes go out to you for a great recovery.  Thanks to everyone taking time to be with me this week.  I hope the reading has inspired you to approach life in a wonderful way.  Look this week for all the moments God gives us through Mother Nature and Her gifts!  And someone please have a serious talk with that groundhog about an early Spring!





One thought on “Her Winter Touch

  1. Sarah Barnes says:

    Rennae — I do believe this is the MOST Beautiful post/comment/poem yet. You need to frame this. I think this weather was Mother Nature at Her Best . . . and Worst. Blessinags to you, Dear Lady,for capturing the Best Side so heart-feltly (did I make up a new word???) expressed. 🙂

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